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Personalised Rugby Balls – The Perfect Gift

Personalised Rugby Balls – The Perfect Gift
February 19, 2021 RAGE Custom
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At RAGE® Custom, we have been producing customised sports equipment since 2015.

We began by creating bespoke Hockey sticks for players, fans and clubs all over the globe. With exceptional quality and innovative design features that are fully customisable, we offer competitive bulk discounts and are proud to always deliver a first class service and product.

Since those early days where we focused purely on Hockey, we have moved into other areas of production offering design customisation for products and equipment in such sports as cricket, soccer and volleyball. We also offer sportswear and accessories that can all be designed in their own unique way on our website by you, the customer!

Custom Rugby Balls

We have now added customisable Rugby Balls to our range of sports equipment and accessories, and offer the same great quality and design flexibility as all of our other products.

Customers can use our very easy to use Online Design Tool, or our completely Free Design Service to design their perfect ball.

Or if you would rather, you can use this Template to create your design on Photoshop or Illustrator to place your order.

Custom Printed With a Difference

Any kind of design/graphics are possible because we use UV HD printing that results in superb quality custom printed rugby balls.

The panels are printed first and then sewn, which means that you will get edge-to-edge printing which is unlike what you get with the majority of other options out there.

Others usually buy readymade blanks and can only engrave or imprint a certain region whilst with us, the entire ball can be designed & printed to your exact requirements.

The Perfect Rugby Gift, Giveaway & Souvenir

The possibilities for rugby fans, players, clubs and organisations, are endless. A ball can be designed by you and produced as a gift for that special rugby fanatic you know for all manner of occasions including birthdays or maybe retirement from the sport.

It can be used to publicise your clubs competition or fundraising event. Create a souvenir for all the players from your club going on their end of season tour as a memento of the occasion.

Promotional Rugby Balls for Any Occasion or Event

You could produce a printed ball to be part of your clubs identity to impress visiting teams and demonstrate the professional attitude of your club.

Having information about sponsors printed on a ball is a great way of giving them exposure for their company or brand. There are many corporate advertising possibilities, limited only by the imagination.

Here are just a few examples of what’s possible…

The Best Part, These Are Match Quality Rugby Balls!

What truly separates our personalised rugby ball from many of our competitors is the quality.

The materials, process & suppliers we use are the exact same that most of the big brands use. In fact, the printing process that we use is infinitely better and the big boys can’t even think about using it in bulk production as the cost would be too high.

So, the custom ball being used and that you will receive is of match standard. This means that it can be used as a genuine club or competition ball and will not suffer with premature wear and tear.

It also means that the person receiving the specially designed ball as a gift knows that you have opted for quality as opposed to the many cheaper and reduced quality alternatives that are available.

Short on time or need a little help with the design? Use our Free Design Service 

In Conclusion

By ordering from us you can be assured that you are receiving a genuine and professional quality rugby ball.

With all bulk orders, we offer a progressive discount based on the quantity of balls requested. This ensures that you are also getting great value too.

Contact Us if you have any questions about ordering. We look forward to working with you!