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Bulk Buyers

We invite you to re-imagine what’s possible!

With rapid prototyping technologies already here and with smart factories just around the corner, manufacturing is about to change and with it, traditional supply chains are on the verge of much-needed disruption. Brands are set to take the omnichannel approach, wholesalers will feel the brunt of marketplaces like Amazon B2B while end-consumers are demanding more every day. We believe that the future is about control, it’s about not being lost in someone else’s story and to meet customer demands head-on. We are preparing for this future and would like to invite you to explore the possibilities with us.

What we have to offer…

Sports Retailers
Customers should be heard, it’s not only polite but it makes perfect business sense as well. Just look at ZARA, they make decisions about what to produce by looking at the data from their Point of Sale terminals and reacting accordingly.  As a retailer you are dealing with customers day in & day out, you know the products, the colors, the sizes that are selling well. More than that you have relationships with and insights about the customers around you. That club around the corner would love to buy purple hockey sticks because that’s their team color but what can you do to capitalize on this knowledge?

Find a Factory?

Yeah, but the big ones that produce the quality you are looking for have large MOQs. Most of them are specialized meaning you will have to work with more than 1 factory. Also, do you really need the hassle of managing all the communication, extra stock and ensuring quality?

Ask the Brands?

Will they listen? Or perhaps a better question is, CAN they listen? They have decided on their range, ordered in bulk & are desperate to sell what they have. Even if you have the connections to pull some strings, the best they can do is try for next year. Do you have that kind of time?

What about You?

Potential customers come in, browse your store, ask questions & then go buy online or somewhere else where it’s marginally cheaper. Has that ever happened to you? What if your store had products that were uniquely yours? So if they like it, they have to buy from you.

With RAGE Custom, you can leverage our smart factory and sourcing contracts to come up with a product range that’s unique to your store. Whether you are looking to validate an idea or are ready to place a bulk order, our progressive bulk discounts, fully managed door-to-door delivery service and product warranties make ordering with us a convenient, hassle-free process.

So just to recap…

Be Your Own Brand

You can put your market insights to good use and come up with custom branded products that are unique to your store.

Optimize Your Operations

You can be responsive to customer demands without getting bogged down by excessive stock and make good margins.

Offer Customization

You can even offer your customers customization options and let us take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

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Sports Clubs
We offer a fully managed Team Order Service which facilitates sports clubs of all sizes to create Team Shops for members/fans on our website.
We offer amazing discounts for bulk purchases on team orders but if there are products that you are willing to stock, we can offer even better prices.

You should consider placing a bulk order instead of a team order, if…

No Individual Level Customization

Unlike Team Orders where you can personalize each individual item, with Bulk Club Orders you will have limited options. Your products will still have your logo and any design that you would like but you can’t have individual names & numbers.

You Have Time

Logistics play a huge part in pushing up costs. So while we can still accommodate bulk orders via courier, you will get tremendous savings if you instead opted for air freight or even better sea freight. Depending on the order size we may ask for more production time as well.

Slightly Higher Quantities

The more you order, the more you save! It’s not only the production costs that come down but the order needs to be a certain size before we can use the air freight or sea freight options.  To confirm costs & get a quotation, simply Drop Us a Line & we’ll get back to you right away!

Regardless of size, as a sports club, you have a receptive audience, they follow you, take pride in your accomplishments and feel a sense of belonging. Having a range of high-quality club branded sports products will not only add an additional revenue stream, it will also strengthen your brand and offer something that your club members/fans can cherish!
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Gyms & Fitness Related Businesses
If you are a gym owner or have a fitness related business, you already have something that Gym Shark didn’t have when they started… potential customers/influencers at your doorstep!
Aside from potentially getting really big, it absolutely makes sense for your gym or fitness business to offer your own branded products. Apart from being an additional money maker, your members will see it as a valuable service. Here’s how…

Keep the Motivation Going

When your members sign-up they are motivated to make a positive change and we are sure that they would find it extremely helpful if they could find all the necessary clothing that is tried, tested & endorsed by you right there. You could sell in-store, online or even bundle a starter pack as part of the membership.

Unique Sizes & Routines

A big challenge for a lot of people when they are starting out is to find the right clothing that fits. With our custom-made approach, you could keep unusual sizes or specific clothing for certain classes in stock or you could use our RealFIT® integration to order made-to-measure apparel on behalf of your customers.

Perfect Promotion

This one is for you! You know that pictures will be taken & shared on social media. With your branding front & center, having customized gym clothing would be the perfect promotional tool to get the word out about your business & establish your brand.

As the fitness apparel industry has evolved, design & marketing have become the primary differentiator. If you do a quick search on Pinterest, you will find 1000s of brands with very similar products. We think this diversity is good for consumers and you as a fitness business are perfectly poised to leverage our production infrastructure to make a lasting impact.
We offer a variety of fitness apparel and are adding new products every month. By using the latest in sublimation printing and sourcing the best performance fabrics, we are equipped to handle any order size and even work with you to develop new innovative products.
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Organizations Connected to Sports
We are extremely proud of being the go-to destination for some of the biggest sports bodies and companies looking for unique event giveaways, corporate gifts & custom office wear.
So if you are looking for a hassle-free way to order high-quality custom branded products that represent your Brand in the best possible light, Get in Touch and our helpful sales staff would be happy to go over your requirements.

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