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Unveiling the Revamped RAGE® Logo & Brand Identity: A New Era Begins!

Unveiling the Revamped RAGE® Logo & Brand Identity: A New Era Begins!
February 6, 2023 RAGE Custom
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Reinventing RAGE®

Bold, Innovative, and Built for the Future

We are excited to announce the launch of our new brand identity, including a bold new logo and comprehensive brand guidelines.

Our new look embodies our dedication to innovation, our relentless drive to push boundaries, and our deep-seated passion for offering products that help people achieve their full potential. The new RAGE logo itself is sleek, modern, and represents the cutting-edge technology and design that RAGE has always been known for.

Throughout 2023, you’ll see the new brand roll out across all our customer touchpoints and communications. But more than that you will see a renewed commitment to set new standards & to be at the vanguard of new innovations.

In the immediate pipeline, we have…
  • New Products: New Padel Rackets & Field Hockey Sticks
  • Totally revamped Apparel Range with 54+ customizable garments
  • Material & Size options for sports balls
  • A new and improved design tool integrated with Custom Trained AI image generation models.
  • Advanced design templates & integration with
  • And so much more!
We are building all this because your support strengthens our faith that what we are doing matters…. Custom is better, it’s collaborative, it’s fun! It is the future, its sustainable, it’s products you’ll love & cherish because YOU made them.
This gives us purpose & the reason “why” we love being RAGE Custom!

Thank you!


The RAGE Team.