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Sell your designs

Become our “Design Partner” and share in the profits!

At RAGE Custom, we want to offer our customers the most beautifully designed & highest quality products at an unmatched level of convenience. And while we invest in the technology to make it all happen, we want to open up our platform to a select few that can add more diversity, creativity & originality… And we believe that YOU could be part of that select few!

Discover new canvases for your creations & earn up to 20% commission on each sale!

Unlike other platforms out there where anyone can submit designs, our platform is invite-only

Design Quality

Yes, we want a lot of design choices for our customers but what we don’t want is cluttering up our product categories unnecessarily.


Valuing Partners

Opening up the floodgates can be unfair to the really good designers who want to buckle down and invest in a platform for the long haul.


Exciting Products

Working with us is going to be a more involved process because of the nature/variety of our products but we promise it’s going to be worth it!