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Instant RAGE-ification! Let us design for you

Instant RAGE-ification! Let us design for you
July 24, 2018 RAGE Custom
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Want us to do a free design for you?

Just fill in the form below, feel free to give as much detail as you like and attach any logos or graphics that you would like for us to incorporate. (kindly mention the product that you want the design for as well)

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    Upload any reference graphic or for multiple files use .zip

    It’s great to see how people are interacting with our design tools and we are constantly getting feedback on what to improve. The design tool is a work in progress and the eventual goal is to make it the best online design tool through which even complex designs can be made easily for any sports product.

    You can use the Online designer (Tutorial) as a reference tool instead of needing to create a finished design. You just need to indicate what you want your stick to look like and before we process your order, we will send you a high-res design proof based on your given layout.
    To show you what that looks like…
    This is a reference layout that we got for one of the orders through the website
    And that is all our talented RAGE designers needed to whip up a brilliant design in less than 3 hours…
    We are glad to report that Michael loved our rendition of it and he got his custom designed stick soon after!
    So, head on over to anyone of our customizable product pages and give us a layout or a general direction of what you want the products to look like through the online design tool. We’ll hook you up with a RAGE-ified version that you will simply love!
    PART 2 Instant RAGE-ification! The making of your very own custom stick