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RAGE Field Hockey Stick Moulds

RAGE Field Hockey Stick Moulds
February 20, 2019 RAGE Custom
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We have been making field hockey sticks for the last 50 years for many top brands as well as for our own brand “RAGE Hockey”.

We have poured in all our years of experience to perfect the following mould shapes, to serve as ‘basemodels’ for your custom made field hockey sticks.

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MN10 – Extra Low Bow

This is one of our best selling mould shapes used in our classic RAGE Color series of sticks. If you are looking for a perfectly balanced & performant low-bow stick, the MN-10 would be your best choice.

MN26 – Low Bow

The MN26 is a modern take on our classic MN10 shape with a slight curve running through the head and a reduced bend in the shaft for added control.

VRD01 – Mid Bow

We classify this as a Mid-Bow although the bend is placed slightly lower than a regular mid-bow. So this mould gives you the best of both worlds without compromising on performance.

MN25 – Mid Bow

This is our standard Mid-Bow perfectly suited for beginners and experts alike.


J21 – Mid Bow

The J21 is carefully designed to meet the needs of junior players and facilitate the development of good technique.

IN01 – Standard Bow

If you are transitioning from wooden indoor sticks, the IN01 would be the best choice for you. The IN01 mould shape is our best seller across all age groups.


Goalie – Standard Bow

Our Goalie stick mould has been perfected over the years so that its shape is functional, meticulously balanced & feel like an extension of your arm.

We hope that this guide is helpful for you 🙂

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