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Introducing RAP (Redeemable for Actual Product) NFTs

Introducing RAP (Redeemable for Actual Product) NFTs
June 3, 2021 RAGE Custom
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The NFT Sale Is Now Live at Rarible! View the Guarantee of Redeemability

We won’t blame you for thinking that we are simply jumping on the NFT bandwagon because it’s just about the “coolest” thing to do these days 🙂

BUT really, what we have here is something very different… What we have is an entirely new breed of NFTs.

The hype around NFTs is fantastical and has captured the imagination of the masses. $600,000 for a GIF & $69 million for a collage would do that kind of thing for sure 😉

Nyan Cat Meme Art Sells for Nearly $600,000 – YouTube

Before we talk about the RAP NFTs that we are launching…

Let’s go over a few basic concepts behind NFTs.

Blockchains inherently have immutability meaning that for all intents & purposes the data on the blockchain cannot be nefariously altered.

For NFTs, this serves as proof of authenticity or more precisely, as the proof of ownership at a particular point in time.

This capability has given digital artists a new & more secure medium and so what we are seeing right now is the most ‘obvious’ use-case of NFTs i.e. buying & selling of art.

Art by its nature is paradoxical and to the uninitiated, it is downright mysterious.

It is rare, both devoid of any practical use & at the same time invaluable.

So what then is the value of an NFT?

By itself, it is nothing. It is the paper on which the Mona Lisa is painted on.

So, our contention is that for NFTs to grow, their perception as just a medium for artists needs to change.

Artists truly are brave people, they are not afraid of pushing the envelope & trying new things.

By Nasch92, CC BY 4.0, Link

And so this ease with which Artists are using NFTs is confusing to a lot of businesspeople since there are no “manuals” or SOPs that have been established so far. For now, it’s about imagining what can be!

We believe NFTs can be used for more than just art, we believe NFTs can change commerce!

Imagine Zero Waste!

Imagine factories knowing exactly how much of what to make, where to send it, and when.

Imagine Rare, Fascinating, Artistic Products!

With artists & creatives getting digital buy-ins from potential consumers/traders from the get-go, nothing that’s not wanted gets produced.

Imagine a Harmonious Democratized Supply Chain!

An artist drops a RAP NFT, it’s intriguing, it’s rare, people buy, and in that instance, the entire supply chain gets paid. The marketplace, the brand & the factories then ensure fulfillment.

Because you see with NFTs right now what’s real is the irrefutable proof of ownership and the value is the art. With future commercial NFTs, you will have ownership BUT the value will be The Promise, The Bond, The Accord between the buyer and the ones offering the commercial NFT.

If a well-known brand puts their reputation on the line and says that they will do the thing they are promising that is Value.

And so, NFTs are a new way for businesses to connect with customers.

NFTs, give us the possibility to change how actual products are produced, sold, owned & consumed. NFTs will eventually have to have utility and so we are launching NFTs that can be redeemed for an actual product. We are calling them RAP (Redeemable for Actual Product) NFTs.

Tokyo is the 1st RAP (Redeemable for Actual Product) NFT we are launching.

RAP NFTs can be Owned, Kept, Cherished, Traded, or REDEEMED!

RAP NFTs are the start of Artistic Commerce & the Tokyo Field Hockey Stick NFT is the first of its kind.

By owning a RAP NFT you will be able to control what gets produced in the actual world. Artists will be able to collaborate with producers benefiting both & once consumption becomes on-demand only, it will help all of us limit the harm that mass production does to the environment.

When you purchase a RAP NFT, you get:

  • A copy of the shareable graphic
  • The print-ready file of the Tokyo Field Hockey Stick Design
  • And, this Guarantee of Redeemability

NOTE: Once RAP NFTs are redeemed the token is burned, so there will never be more than 50 sticks of this design in existence (virtual or physical).

This is just the start and we could have started with a more mainstream product but field hockey is our legacy, so we just had to start with that.

We will be doing soccer balls, sports apparel & other mainstream products and all of them will have a special emphasis on design. We are hoping that there will also be some collaborations with established Artists very soon.

Looking for a Redemption Partner as part of your commercial NFT strategy?

We are already in talks with some organizations to help them launch NFTs and be their Redemption Partner since our mass customization infrastructure lends itself perfectly to any kind of quantity requirements and/or scattered demand.

Final Thoughts

This really is a new frontier and we’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas in the comments below… also if you would like to collaborate, please do Contact Us