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Custom Product Pricing & Bulk Discounts

Custom Product Pricing & Bulk Discounts
August 2, 2022 RAGE Custom
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We like to keep things simple but with the amount of options & bulk discounts on offer we decided to do this post to explain how pricing works & how you can find out the exact amount you would be paying for a RAGE Custom product.

All the pricing and discount information is already available on the individual product pages, so here is a brief guide that shows how you can access that information 🙂

Firstly you need to browse and select the product you would like to order…


For each product, you will see the Unit Price and the Final Total depending on the quantity selected and the discounts applied. For certain sports equipment, you will need to select the composition or the basemodel to see the pricing information as shown below.


Bulk Discounts

We offer bulk quantity discounts which increase the more you order.

These discounts are automatically calculated and are different for each product. To see a table of the available discounts, you need to scroll a bit further down on the product page to the Quantity Based Discounts heading as shown below…

Customization Cost

Previously, we had a Customization Cost which was added as a separate fee.

That is no longer the case!

We have optimized our pricing to make things simpler & transparent for everyone.

Shipping costs will now be based on the product & quantity you are ordering… So, no more surprises or additional fees!

To get an estimate of the shipping charges, simply add the product in the right quantity to Cart and you will be able to see the correct Shipping Charges & the total payable amount with any applicable discounts also included.


We hope that this guide is helpful for you 🙂

If you have any questions or require any assistance, tell us in the comments below or Contact Us