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RAGE® Hockey is now a part of RAGE® Custom

RAGE® Hockey is now a part of RAGE® Custom
November 18, 2020 RAGE Custom
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We are excited to finally unify RAGE Hockey with RAGE Custom!

Combined, we are now better positioned to offer an even higher standard of quality & service to all our field hockey customers!

Hopefully this will also make things less confusing for a lot of people 😉 Yes, we are the same company but till now we were completely separate, autonomous projects.

Why now?

RAGE Custom started off as an experiment a few years back, when it was just a simple HTML page hosted at As the custom service gained traction, separate teams took over the two projects and carried on serving the field hockey market in their own unique ways.

At RAGE Custom, we had more growth because our offering was unique and because we were able to expand to different markets. We have a business model that is direct to customer, so no middlemen. There is no wasted effort or materials, since most processes happen once an order comes in. From the customer’s point of view, with us, they are able to order things that matter to them! Be it the design, the product options, the composition etc.

Our customers get products that are meaningful or functional for them in some way.

That’s not something traditional field hockey brands are geared up to do.

So, when this year came around & we all faced these unprecedented challenges, it became clear that running two separate entities would not be sustainable. And so finally we are merging the two entities to become a bigger & stronger contender in the field hockey market.

With our RAGE powers combined!

At RAGE Custom, we were primarily focused on making ‘customization’ work. That meant getting the tech stack right, re-imagining operations & logistics. The RAGE Hockey team on the other hand was focused on R&D and production. Serving individual customers and even some other field hockey brands.

This merger of the 2 projects means that Asad Aftab and his production team, who are experienced veterans of the field hockey industry, are becoming core members. The production team consists of individuals, who have worked on brands such as Slazenger, Mazon & Kookaburra just to name a few. Asad himself comes from a family who have been involved in sports equipment manufacturing for 4 generations. His father Aftab Iqbal, co-founded the Dita brand & his family has been involved in manufacturing Dita sticks for 40+ years.

This makes this change very exciting for us because a combined, bigger & more focused team will boost our capacity to serve field hockey customers by lifting our quality standards to a whole new level.

So, to mark this occasion & to showcase what we can do together, we are happy to launch these amazing new designs!

These designs were originally planned to be a part of next year's range but now we can make them available to you right away!

And as with all RAGE Custom products…

These designs are fully personalizable!

So you can take the base design and change the colors.

Remove our logos or the default text.

Add your text/graphics to order a stick that’s truly YOURS!

Of course this also includes complete control over the composition, mould shape, length, weight, grip color, stick finish etc.

RAGE Sponsored Players

Last but definitely not least, we would like to welcome RAGE Hockey’s loyal fans/sponsored players to RAGE Custom. We assure you of the same level of commitment that you have come to expect from the RAGE brand!

While we would love to bring all previous RAGE sponsored players to our platform, we are still working out the details of how to best do that and we will share information about that real soon.

[UPDATE: The all-new RAGE Field Hockey Sponsorship Program is now live] 

If you are interested in continuing your sponsorship with this ‘new’ us, please Click Here

Pending/Previous RAGE Hockey Orders

All pending orders that were in the pipeline at before now will be processed as normal. If you need to reach out for any information about your pending/previous orders, the email [email protected] is still operational.

A new start for us all!

We hope that the new year will bring new opportunities for all of us and we are eager to collaborate with you on your next RAGE Custom masterpiece 🙂

The ‘RAGE’ Team