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Instant RAGE-ification! How it’s made

Instant RAGE-ification! How it’s made
July 24, 2018 RAGE Custom
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In the last post we showed you how we work with customers to make awesome designs for them.

We thought it would be a good idea to show you the rest of the process as well.
When you place an order, we ask you to choose a Base Model and the other appropriate options. A Basemodel can be any stick that we have on offer at
Once we have this information and the design is finalized… we are ready to get the process started

Step 1: Selection

First off we select the stick based on the mold shape and the weight. All the raw sticks that we have in stock are uncut, so we can cut them at the desired length.

Step 2: Preparing the surface

We need to prepare the raw stick so that it becomes perfectly even and apply a layer of primer so that other layers of paint and lacquer can latch on to it. This involves cleaning, sanding, coating of primer and then sanding again.

Step 3: Paint

Then we spray paint the desired color and leave it to cure in a heat furnace overnight.

Step 4: Application of the graphics

After the paint is cured, comes the most important stage, applying the graphics using a water-based transfer technique. The stick is left for a while to dry naturally.

Step 5: Strengthening

Immediately after the stick is dried, the strengthening process is started. This step is the most time consuming and involves multiple coats of PU lacquer where the curing time after each coat is 6 to 8 hours.

Step 6: Finishing

Now the stick is almost ready to go… In this step, we cut the stick in the required length, apply the end-cap, put on the grip and shrink wrap to avoid any nicks during transit.

Step 7: Dispatch

Lastly the parcel is prepared and handed over to our good friends at DHL.
There you have it, the journey of your custom built stick from design to dispatch!
If you have any questions or would like to order your very own customized field hockey stick Click Here