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The REAL Field Hockey Stick Sizing Guide [UPDATED]

The REAL Field Hockey Stick Sizing Guide [UPDATED]
November 11, 2020 RAGE Custom
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Is your field hockey stick the correct length?

Are you sure? Like really sure?

There is a lot of conflicting advice, varying arguments and misinformation around this topic, just a quick search on Google or YouTube about how to choose the length of a field hockey stick will tell you exactly what we are talking about.

So in this blog post we will be putting the “correct length” debate finally to rest.

We’ll do so in classic Sherlock fashion 😉 by presenting you with facts and logic!

What we agree on…

Choosing the right length is VERY important!

Others agree and here are some excerpts from different brand/retail websites:

It is important to have the correct size stick to execute both basic and advanced skills. The length can be the deciding factor in completing a pass, making a tackle…or making a mistake. – Link

Field hockey stick length can affect your game and your control of the ball as well as hitting capability. – Link

… having the proper stick length can drastically affect your game. If your stick is too long, you may end up undercutting the ball or making hard contact with the ground, causing the stick head to fracture. If your stick is too short, you may be bending down too much which can cause serious long term back problems.Link

Everyone in agreement, say aye… AYE!

The Method of Determining the Correct Length

You may have seen a variation of the following graphic on different websites or packaging…

For the US method some people suggest that the top of the stick ought to be right along your hip joint, which might be easier and can give you a more accurate result.

In this YouTube video, the field hockey legend Jamie Dwyer shares some very good advice about how to select a field hockey stick.

At 2:59 he talks about the appropriate length and again as you can see in the screenshot, his stick which is a 37.5″ seems to be in line with the graphic above.

OK so we all agree, that’s the Method…


Did you do the Google search like we asked? Did you see all the size charts that are pasted on the different brand or brand affiliated websites?

Jamie Dwyer is round about 5′ 8″ (172 cm)… he is using the wrong length stick according to 1 & 3! (Screenshots 1 & 3 happen to be from retail sites)

You could say 2 has it about right but I am 6′ tall. According to 2 & 3, I just need to be using a half an inch longer stick, when in fact I am 4 inches taller than Jamie, so The Method we all just agreed on goes out the window because there is no way a 38″ stick is going to come up to my hip joint.

Here is a really funny excerpt from the Screenshot 1 guys…

Once a player reaches 36.5” we highly suggest that they remain at that height.

Like stop getting taller you mean? Or like I always buy longer sleeved shirts and cut them myself at home because hey I am not the popular average height…

Well, I DON’T! In case you were wondering…

What they really mean is that they don't stock longer or shorter senior sticks because that would cost them a lot of money.

And that we think is wrong

Not the fact that they don’t stock more lengths but the fact that they are twisting words and giving bad, dishonest advice because of their own personal limitations.

But come on they say… “its whatever feels comfortable to you”

REALLY?? Ask them that you would like to try their 34.5″ Senior Stick, you know just to see if you are comfortable with it!

Wait… you can’t, can you… they are just not available.

So all that talk about the “majority of senior players playing with 36.5 or 37.5 & so should you, is actually rubbish BECAUSE there is no real option!

One more thing that you should know… the pro-athletes actually take stick lengths very seriously because of the potential of chronic back pain or injury. In the Jamie Dwyer video at 3:26 he does mention this fact and most international players we know or have worked with explicitly mention the length they would need their sticks to be cut at.

The most comprehensive Field Hockey Stick Size Chart

So now that we have established that traditional brands & their affiliates have a vested interest in nudging everyone to just a couple of lengths, we’d like to present the most complete Field Hockey Size Chart EVER based on a logical progression of heights! In the interest of completeness, we have added all the possible lengths even the ones that may not be readily available, even through us…

The reference chart is based on our 50+ years of manufacturing experience for international players, 1000s of custom sticks and The Method we discussed above:

Field Hockey Stick Sizes Based on Player Height

Player’s Height (Feet & Inches) Stick Length (Inches)
2′ 5″ 24
2′ 6″ 24 or 24.5
2′ 7″ 24.5
2′ 8″ 25
2′ 9″ 25 or 25.5
2′ 10″ 25.5
2′ 11″ 26
3′ 26 or 26.5
3′ 1″ 26.5
3′ 2″ 27
3′ 3″ 27 or 27.5
3′ 4″ 27.5
3′ 5″ 28
3′ 6″ 28 or 28.5
3′ 7″ 28.5
3′ 8″ 29
3′ 9″ 29 or 29.5
3′ 10 29.5
3′ 11 30
4′ 30 or 30.5
4′ 1″ 30.5
4′ 2″ 31
4′ 3″ 31 or 31.5
4′ 4″ 31.5
4′ 5″ 32
4′ 6″ 32 or 32.5
4′ 7″ 32.5
4′ 8″ 33
4′ 9″ 33 or 33.5
4′ 10″ 33.5
4′ 11″ 34
5′ 34 or 34.5
5′ 1″ 34.5
5′ 2″ 35
5′ 3″ 35 or 35.5
5′ 4″ 35.5
5′ 5″ 36
5′ 6″ 36 or 36.5
5′ 7″ 36.5
5′ 8″ 37
5′ 9″ 37 or 37.5
5′ 10″ 37.5
5′ 11″ 38
6′ 38 or 38.5
6′ 1″ 38.5
6′ 2″ 39
6′ 3″ 39 or 39.5
6′ 4″ 39.5
6′ 5″ 40
6′ 6″ 40 or 40.5
6′ 7″ 40.5
6′ 8″ 41
6′ 9″ 41.5

In conclusion

We have worked very hard to build the capacity & infrastructure needed to provide our customers all these options, so while we end this post with a plug for RAGE Custom, we feel that there is a need for transparency, tangible benefits & real innovation in the field hockey industry at large.

So in case you are still wondering, where you might buy sticks in the correct length? Well through us of course 🙂

You can order field hockey sticks from RAGE Custom in any length mentioned in the table above.

You can combine ANY Length with ANY Weight as well… Available Weights are, Super Light (520-535 grams), Light (535-560 grams), Medium (565-590 grams), Heavy (595-620 grams) & Super Heavy (625-660 grams). For more information about Field Hockey Stick Weights, click here.

LASTLY, a note to field hockey retailers with brick & mortar stores…

Offer your customers all of our products & services without having to stock anything! Contact us today at [email protected] to receive details about how you can be all set up to sell in 3 weeks or less with virtually the same profit margins that you currently have 🙂


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Last Updated: November 11, 2020