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Custom Neck Gaiters: The Hottest Customizable Item of 2021

Custom Neck Gaiters: The Hottest Customizable Item of 2021
February 23, 2021 RAGE Custom
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Companies and organizations are continually searching for the hottest customizable item to give to their employees or sell to customers that won’t break the budget. The days of customized pens and tote bags are long gone, as both customers and employees want functional items. Instead, enter the Custom Neck Gaiter.

At RAGE® Custom, our neck Gaiters are fashionable, easy to use, sturdy, and completely customizable to fit a company’s logo or unique print design. The best part? We are able to deliver anywhere in the world within 15 days or less.

If you’re still wondering how a neck gaiter can benefit your organization or business, read below to learn the additional benefits of our Custom Neck Gaiters.

Neck Gaiters are Fashionable

We’re not your average, boring print shop. We take pride in creating fashionable products that excite your employees or customers to wear. You have the full power to customize your companies neck gaiters with bright, bold patterns or keep it simple with traditional colors and a stand-out logo.

If you’re unsure where to start or how to design your company’s products, we’re here to help. Fill out our complimentary design service form to receive design options and ideas to create your business’s perfect gaiter design.

Neck Gaiters are Stable and Sturdy

Our custom neck gaiters are built to last. Our products are constructed with a sports-grade four-way stretchable polyester blend that retains vibrant digital prints with zero ink bleeding. You won’t see any gaps, smudges, or blurs on our products.

The fabric itself is intended to withstand sweat and repel other foul odors. It won’t slip off and will hold sturdy throughout the day. Its moisture-wicking properties allow it to be comfortable and functional while staying breathable and quick drying. Has it been worn after a long day? Throw it in the wash and reuse it again the next day.

Promotional Giveaway

Buying pens, notebooks, and other typical promotional giveaway items are a thing of the past. People will only want or enter promotions to win items that matter to them. If your customers aren’t using your company’s or business’s promotional giveaway items, it’s defeating the purpose of investing in them in the first place.

The point of your promotional giveaway items is to create free marketing for your company while supplying an item that customers will both enjoy and use.

Investing in a Custom Neck Gaiter for your companies next promotional giveaway is sure to be a hot investment. Neck Gaiters are the perfect addition for any brand or business looking for a unique, customizable promotional giveaway item that provides function and free advertising.

Neck Gaiters can be Sold for Profit

If your organization is a retailer, sports league, or even a gym, consider purchasing our custom neck gaiters. We’re able to offer some of the lowest prices on the market because of our minimum 100 piece orders, with our neck gaiters’ unit price at only €4.58. This product can be sold at a considerable mark-up with the ability to customize the neck gaiter with your company’s or business’s specific logo or design.

Neck gaiters can be a profitable merchandise item for school organizations and sports clubs that have yearly fundraisers or events. A custom neck gaiter can work for any business or organization, regardless of your industry, and offers a multi-functional product to your customers while creating a little extra cash in your company’s pocket.

Neck Gaiters are Just as Effective as Masks

Do you work in an industry that requires its employees to wear masks on the clock? If your employees need to wear a mask, they’re most likely wearing whatever they can find, which can range in colors and comfort.

However, with our Custom Neck Gaiters, your company can order in bulk and customize your gaiters with the company logo or colors. We even offer Free Design Service to help you come up with the perfect look.

Not only will it allow all your company employees to look on-brand and professional, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to keep your employees safe.

A joint study by the CDC and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reported that neck gaiters are just as effective as cloth masks. This is because gaiters are single layers of fabric that can be folded up to create additional layers as necessary. With RAGE® Custom, organizations have the option to upgrade to 2-ply if necessary.


Your employees or customers will find many different ways to use a neck gaiter. Traditionally the neck gaiter is worn around the neck and can be pulled up above the face as needed. However, there are multiple other ways to wear a neck gaiter. It can be used as a neckerchief, hairband, headband, face warmer, scrunchie, or even a do-rag. For example, if you run a construction company, your employees can wear it on their face to protect themselves from dust or other particles in the air, and if they’re in the sun, they can wear it over their heads to protect themselves from the sun damage.

The many ways to wear a Neck Gaiter!

Neck Gaiter

Face Shield


Head Band




Hair Tie


Since we sell in quantity, your company receives the benefits of our low factory prices. With a minimum of 100 pieces, the price is a low as €4.58 per unit item. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to buy a promotional or customizable item that can represent your brand or business.

Work with RAGE® Custom

What started as helping a hockey client with customizable hockey sticks in 2015 turned into a fully functional, mass customizable product line. We offer what most companies can’t.

We provide entirely customizable products at highly competitive prices.

We care about creating the best product at the best prices for our customers. You can be sure you’re receiving a professional, high-quality neck gaiter by ordering with us.

At RAGE® Custom, we’re efficient, affordable and offer stunning designs to create the perfect product for any organization. With our minimum order as low as 100, the sky is the limit with how you can use or distribute this product throughout your business.