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Personalize Crystal Field Hockey Stick

Personalize Crystal Field Hockey Stick


  • Learn how to use the design tool to create your very own masterpiece. Still unsure or short on time? Just use our free design service & we'll be happy to work with you from design to dispatch! Looking for amazing discounts? Try increasing the quantity or scroll down to learn more about our quantity based discounts. Need help to set up different designs for each item in your order? Contact Us

    *Stick Version

    You can order this design in a different stick version. Select between Outdoor, Indoor or Junior.


    *Mould Shape

    More about Mould Shapes 




    *Mould Shape

    More about Mould Shapes 



    Grip Color (Optional)

    Stick Finish (Optional)

    Hyper Feel (Optional)

    See example of Hyper Feel Touch Zone 

    Upload a design file (Optional)

    Do you already have your own design file based on this template or one sent by us that you would like us to use for this order? Upload it here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Clear View School
Excellent Customer Service

This company was extremely helpful in making a beautiful custom field hockey stick for us! They responded to my emails quickly and were able to make the design exactly how we wanted it. They kept in touch with us throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Rage Custom for any of your customization needs.

Carolina García del Pino
Everything perfect!

The stick was a gift and they loved it. Good quality, nice design and excellent response from the Rage team.

Mark Schreuder
Good shop

Nice webshop, easy to order, good products.

Gorgeous Stick

I was hesitant when going back and forth with Customer Service but Rage FAR exceeded my expectations! I sent a very compliment designs and they truly went above and beyond to make it perfect. The stick is stunning and I will 100% be ordering again.

Claire Devereux

Love the colour, design and feel of the stick. Really disappointed that for £150 he end cap fell off on first use and have not received replacement despite emailing. Also, paid for the extra hyper feel zone which after two weeks has now completely fallen off leaving a bare stick face down to the carbon.

We are really sorry for this oversight. I will have this sorted and the cap sent right away.


Step 1 - DESIGN

You can use our online tool above to create your very own design, here is a brief tutorial to help you get started. If you want to do the design yourself, we have a handy template that you can use and once you are ready, you can upload your own design using the options above. Lastly, our most popular option, give us a brief guideline on what you want on the stick and we will design for you at no extra charge.

NOTE: Whenever possible use Vector Graphics in your field hockey stick designs, as that produces stronger prints. While we can print pictures (Raster Graphics), the final print quality is less strong. Learn more about Raster vs. Vector Graphics


Step 2 - CHOOSE

You can choose from a selection of Mould Shapes to serve as a Basemodel in any weight and in lengths up to 40″, Our Basemodels are divided to cover a variety of moulds (low-bow, standard, goalie & indoor), carbon percentage and price points. To find out more about a particular basemodel, check out this link or contact us.

Step 3 - ORDER

You have the option to pay in your preferred currency during final checkout. When you order more than 1 stick, we offer a progressive discount based on the total quantity. For bulk orders where you want to use different basemodels in a single order or where you have different graphics for each stick, please Contact Us


We have simplified our pricing by removing the Customization Charge which was added as a separate fee.

Shipping costs will now be based on the product & quantity you are ordering… So, no more surprises or additional fees!

To get an accurate estimate, simply add the correct quantity to the Cart page to see all the applicable discounts & shipping charges automatically calculated.


Choosing the right stick!

At RAGE Custom, we give you lots of options to choose from but its really important that you choose the right ones. So to help you here is a detailed post to help you choose the ‘right’ field hockey stick!


More about our moulds

From international players to kids just starting out field hockey, we have an extensive range of stick moulds for everyone! To be sure that you are choosing the correct mould shape, checkout this post.


The correct length

There is lots of advice surrounding this topic but in this blog post, we put the “correct stick length” debate finally to rest by presenting the most complete & accurate Field Hockey Size Chart EVER!



Minimum Qty. Discount
Buy more than 1 The customization cost is charged once per order, so you instantly save $48.00
Buy more than 2 Get 5% off the Basemodel cost on each stick in the order
Buy 5 sticks or more Get 10% off the Basemodel cost on each stick in the order
Buy 10 sticks or more Get 15% off the Basemodel cost on each stick in the order
Buy 15 sticks or more Get 20% off the Basemodel cost on each stick in the order
Buy 20 sticks or more Get 25% off the Basemodel cost on each stick in the order
For more than 20 sticks Contact Us for extra special bulk discounts


Note: Quantity discounts apply EVEN IF every stick in your order has a different design and different basemodels! Contact Us to help you set that up.


Trying to figure out how to avail these awesome quantity discount, why not place a Team Order?
With our fully managed Team Order service, it’s easier than ever to get started… Visit our Team Order page to learn more!


We see sports clubs & retailers of the future as design boutiques and customer service hubs that can benefit from our services on the backend to delight their customers in real life!
If you are a retailer, a regular bulk buyer (club, school, hotel or resort) or want to become a sales affiliate, just visit our Bulk Buyer page and we will set you up with a dedicated account manager to discuss further details.

What will be the cost and how long will it take for the order to be delivered?

Who doesn’t like surprises? Well, we don’t when it comes to hidden fees, exchange rates or very complicated pricing structure, so with that in mind we offer all-inclusive pricing making sure that you know exactly how much you would be paying.

Our website is the best tool for figuring out the cost, since all prices, bulk quantity discounts, taxes & shipping rates are baked right into the system. So just add what you are looking to order and the cart page will present you with an accurate quotation.

Or if you would like just Contact Us and we will work out a quotation for you.

Normally we ask for 15 days to deliver your order but depending on the quantity and our ongoing workload, we might deliver earlier or ask for more time. In case you have a certain deadline, we recommend that you Contact Us with your order details as we may be able to rush your order and confirm a guaranteed delivery date.

How can I get help with my design & placing the order?

You have an awesome idea and need an amazing design to go with it? Use our Free Design Service and work with our design team to come up with the perfect rendition of your vision. We want you to be completely satisfied that’s why we don’t place any limits on the number of revisions that you can ask for. In fact, we are happy to re-work the entire design if you change your mind at any point, so let’s Get Started and bring your masterpiece to life.

Using the online Design Tool and facing any issues or have questions? You can Contact Us or just start a live chat session right now by clicking on the Chat icon on the bottom left to get assistance. We also have some Helpful Articles that explain the feature & capabilities of the online design tool.

Want us to look over the design before you submit? We are happy to help and point out any issues or simply give you a thumbs up ????

If we can assist in any way, simply Contact Us through any support channel that is most convenient for you.

How can I be sure my design will be perfect?

Any designs that you submit via the Design Tool or File Upload are thoroughly checked by our design team to identify any issues. This might include properly centering logos/graphics that might be slightly off, combining color variations, making sure that any graphics used have a high enough resolution etc.

We will always send you finalized mockups for your approval before proceeding to production.

And we go a step further too… during the different production steps, we will keep you posted by sending you pictures, so that if you notice anything wrong, we can have it corrected right away!

Is there a minimum order quantity & do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

For most of the products that we offer on our website, there are no minimum order quantities, so you can order 1 custom made item at the same price you’d normally pay for a comparable branded product.

There are however certain products that have a minimum order quantity only because the cost of producing just 1 would make it too expensive for end customers. Having said that we have had people willing to pay the extra cost, so if you want to bypass the limitation, Contact Us for a special quote.

Yes, we do offer bulk quantity discounts which are built into the system & specified on the individual product pages, so the more you order, the more you will save. Learn More about Pricing & Discounts

We also have special discounts for schools, youth clubs & charitable organizations. So Contact Us for a special quote or to discuss how we can work out a package to fit your budget & requirements.

How can I place an order with different products, colors or designs?

The easiest way would be to Contact Us with your requirements and a dedicated account manager will help you through the entire process.

If you’d like to place the order your self, each product with a design/color variation would need to be ordered separately.

To give you an example, let’s say you need to order 3 field hockey sticks with different names, basemodels, and sizes. Firstly you would need to design the first stick, select the product options etc. and add the product to cart. You will then have to go back to the product page and do the same for the other 2 sticks.

The good thing is that the bulk quantity discount will apply on all the sticks in the Cart, so you get the best volume price for your entire order.

If that sounds like a hassle, Contact Us & our Dedicated Account Managers will be happy to help you with setting up the designs, choosing the right products and finalizing your order.

Before I place an order, can I get a sample?

If you are ordering a single item, you can rest assured that our warranty & hassle-free return policy has you covered on the off-chance that the delivered product is not to your satisfaction.

But we do understand that sometimes you just have to see, touch or even try a product before committing to a larger order. We can have a blank sample at your doorstep within a week to make sure that you have complete peace of mind about the quality before you finalize your order.

Depending on the products and the number of items you would like as blank samples, we will ask for a small non-refundable fee (usually half the price) that gets deducted from your final order total. So if you paid £40 for the samples and your eventual order total is £1000, you will only have to pay £960.

For orders above £2000, a finished sample is part of the approval process. But if finished samples are a must before you can proceed, please Contact Us before placing a regular order through the website, so we can make a note to refund 50% of the cost of the samples from your eventual full-size order. So for e.g. if you pay £100 for printed samples and your eventual full-size order is £1000, you’ll only have to pay £950.

Contact Us and one of our service representatives will be happy to arrange shipment of a blank or a fully finished sample.

I want a product that you don't have on your website, can you help me develop something new?

Absolutely, in fact, our ability to customize products in the truest sense of the word is what sets us apart from our competition who profess to have dedicated manufacturing but fall short when it comes to developing something new.

If you have seen a product somewhere and want something similar or if you yourself are a product designer and want your exact designs brought to life, Contact Us, we are here to help!

There are however a few considerations:

Firstly, its time... depending on the complexity of the product that you want us to develop, we can only give you a time estimate after you have contacted us with the order requirements. Usually, initial prototypes can be developed in less than a month.

Secondly, its cost… if its a product that’s unique and we have nothing similar on our website, we would love to develop it for you free of cost and if we decide to offer the product on our website, you won’t have to contend with any minimum order quantities. But if its a product that’s only slightly different from something that we already have, we will still develop the pattern free of cost but we may stipulate a minimum order quantity (usually 500 pieces).

Lastly, it’s copyrights… we are not in the business of making replicas or infringing on the legal rights of any known brand. If you are unsure if something falls in this category, simply Contact Us with the details of what you have in mind and we will let you know what we can do to help.

Do you make everything yourself & are the 'custom' products as good as the top 'branded' ones?

When we set out to launch RAGE Custom Works, we realized that 3 things were a must… the products needed to be of the highest quality, price parity with branded products & getting them as quickly as possible to customers.

To fulfill these criteria, we had to establish our own production & finishing facility. By doing the manufacturing ourselves we can be faster, more flexible and pass on the savings directly to end customers.

Over the last few years, we have re-invented production processes, re-trained staff members from being process specialists to become all-rounders & re-negotiated sourcing contracts that were geared towards mass production into what works for mass customization.

To keep our operations nimble and to be able to offer more products we do have sourcing contracts for certain products but for that, we work with only the best manufacturers & suppliers that also produce for some of the top names in the industry. We have these contracts with companies in China, India & Pakistan. For smaller promotional items and certain textile products, we buy directly from the UK and USA as well.

As for quality… as you might know, almost all the big brands in the sports industry Do Not manufacture products themselves. We Do! And we do it using the same and in some cases even better production processes & materials.

With thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are getting the best value & the fastest possible delivery times.

I have a team/group order, can every individual pay for their own order?

We are glad you asked ????

Yes we can absolutely do this & more… please visit the Setup Team Shop and fill in the form to get your team ordering page set up.

How much is shipping & what is the Customization Charge?

Previously, we had a Customization Charge which was added as a separate fee.

That is no longer the case!

We have optimized our pricing to make things simpler & transparent for everyone.

Shipping costs will now be based on the product & quantity you are ordering… So, no more surprises or additional fees!

To get an estimate of the shipping charges, simply add the product in the right quantity and you will be able to see the Shipping Charges as they apply based on your location.

What if I have a problem with my order?

More than anything else we want to ‘wow’ you with our quality and service. To ensure that we deliver exactly what we promise, we go through rigorous quality checks and keep you posted on the developments as they happen.

Even then, if something is not right or up to your standards, we will work with you to make it right. We are happy to send replacements in double quick time or even offer a full refund if the items are in any way faulty.

We only ask that if there is a fault that is evident on delivery, for example, a name has been spelled incorrectly, wrong colors, sizes or material used, Contact Us immediately and return the faulty item(s) within 28 days of delivery, in their original condition, with all tags, bags, and labels attached. It would be difficult for us to accept a claim if you report or return your goods after the 28th day of delivery.

For more information, please see our Return Policy. For any other queries or clarification about this topic kindly Contact Us.


Returning a product

At RAGE® Custom Works we make personalized/ customized field hockey products and what that means is that the stick or product you are getting is one of a kind and made specifically for you. So unless there is a manufacturing fault explained below or if somehow a wrong item has been sent to you, we cannot offer a replacement or refund if you change your mind after receiving the product.

Please note: Any discrepancies in your original delivery must be reported within 14 days of receipt. To claim a warranty and for more information about how and where to return the products, visit Returning Procedure

Field Hockey Stick Warranty

Your custom stick is as good as any comparable international standard stick on the market. We take great care and pride in providing you only the best. Sometimes things go amiss but not to fear, we will work with you to resolve any warranty claims to your utmost satisfaction.

We will repair or replace a stick that is broken during normal play. Examples of a broken stick are a shaft broken in two pieces or head that has detached.

All RAGE Hockey sticks purchased are guaranteed against such breakage for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase.

Conditions not covered

Paint chips, scratches, superficial cracks, end-cap coming off, unravelling grip, cracks in the label, worn stick heel, or loose particles inside the composite’s interior, rattles, vibration, or any other result of normal use. For these issues we will offer helpful suggestions, but none of these will negatively affect the play of the product. Due to the nature of hockey, the stick’s exterior will become worn after a sustained period of use. Sticks are guaranteed against breakage for 3 months from receipt of purchase.